Tying the Knot With a Yacht Wedding (5 Secrets to Know)

August 8, 2022

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There is probably nothing more romantic than a yacht wedding! Getting married on a yacht allows you a stunning oceanside backdrop but without the worry of messy sand underfoot. Also, a yacht means not having strangers from other areas of a beach wander into your setting. A yacht’s underside also means shade from the sun, comfortable seating, and even restrooms!

If you’re thinking of tying the knot with a yacht wedding, you might consider 5 important secrets from the pros. This vital information will ensure that you don’t overlook any detail when planning your big day. You’ll also know what to expect when you start talking to a yacht rental company near you!

1. Yacht weddings are typically all inclusive

One advantage to a wedding on a yacht is that most companies offer an all-inclusive package. In turn, you don’t need to worry about finding a caterer, deejay, officiant, and so on. Your chosen company works with you to create a menu, supply the music you prefer, and so on. Imagine the convenience of not having to interview a half dozen professionals for your big day!

On the other hand, all-inclusive yacht weddings can mean more limited choices for your catering, cake appearance, and so on. However, many brides and grooms are willing to sacrifice a few choices for the sake of that added convenience.

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2. You don’t need to leave the dock to enjoy a wedding on a yacht

Do you love the idea of getting married on a boat but aren’t comfortable being far from the shore? If so, ask your private yacht rental company about staying docked. In many cases, you can still enjoy a stunning backdrop for your event without the yacht even moving.

Also, you might ask the yacht rental company about heading out just a short distance from the shore. You can then still have a cityscape behind you while enjoying the open water. Whatever your preferences, a yacht rental company can typically accommodate.

3. For larger yachts, ensure you have exclusive use of the ship

Some yacht rental companies might not offer exclusive use of their yacht for your wedding. Instead, they might rope off a certain level or section for your venue. Other passengers are then restricted from joining your party but are still on board!

If you prefer exclusive use of the yacht, be sure to ask your rental agency especially for larger boats. This might mean an added fee, or they might direct you to a smaller ship offering exclusive use. Consequently, you can enjoy your big day according to your preferences.

4. Always ask about kids, pets, gifts, and wheelchair accommodation

When considering a yacht wedding, read the company’s contract and brochures carefully. If you don’t see mention of children, pets, gifts, wheelchair accessibility, and so on, ask! Never assume that a yacht rental agency allows children of any age or your four-legged friend. Also, they might not have a secure area for gifts, and not all yachts have elevators and other wheelchair accommodations.

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5. Consider creating a helpful website for your big day

While getting married on a yacht means a stunning backdrop and added convenience, it can pose some challenges for guests. With that in mind, you might consider creating a helpful website for everyone! Include information about where to park and how to find the right dock or another access point.

Also, note if the yacht flooring is better suited for flat shoes rather than heels! Additionally, you can use the site to remind guests to dress for the weather and bring seasickness medication if needed. Pictures of the yacht are also helpful, so they know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

Above all, remind guests that a departing yacht won’t wait or turn back for latecomers. Consequently, friends and relatives should avoid being “fashionably late” for your big day! These simple tips can help ensure that everyone enjoys your beautiful yacht wedding.

Is a yacht wedding expensive?

Many couples are surprised at the cost of a yacht wedding, which might start at just a few hundred dollars! For that price, a yacht might stay docked and offer a small cocktail reception for a few guests. On the other hand, a larger yacht accommodating 100 guests or more might charge $20,000 and up.

Also, remember that yacht rental agencies are usually eager to work with couples individually. For example, they might suggest a shorter rental time, smaller menu, or other such accommodation. In turn, you can typically afford a wedding on a yacht no matter your budget.

Can you get legally married at sea?

Each state typically dictates legal marriage requirements, including getting married on a boat. For instance, you might need to sign the marriage license while docked, so you’re still legally within a state’s boundary. Also, where the boat is legally registered might also affect your requirements.

The good news is that most yacht rental agencies can assist with these legalities! They can usually tell you what licenses you need and how to perform the ceremony legally while onboard. If they don’t offer this information, don’t hesitate to speak up and ask!

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How long is a yacht wedding?

As with most venues, a yacht wedding can typically be anywhere from an hour to five hours or longer. When discussing your rental length with a yacht company, note a few important considerations. First, keep things short if you’ll be accommodating older guests and children who often tire easily. Second, consider weather conditions and that guests might not want to be exposed to the elements for hours on end!

Also, shortening your rental timeframe is an excellent choice for accommodating a limited budget. On the other hand, you don’t want to head back so early that you miss an amazing sunset or skyline! Guests also don’t want to feel as if they haven’t had a chance to get comfortable before they need to depart.

Private Yacht Rental Miami is happy to provide these insider secrets to a yacht wedding to our readers. Hopefully, you found it helpful and informative. If you’re ready to plan your big day, call our Miami private yacht rental company. Our customer care team is happy to answer all your questions and help you plan an event you won’t forget! To find out more, contact us today.


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