Amazing Destinations for Your Yacht Charter in Miami

private yacht rental in miami

Hit All of the Hottest Spots Around  with Your Luxury Yacht Rental in Miami!

One of the most significant factors of a memorable yacht tour in Miami is the destination. We have several different options available so you can see the sites that you're fascinated by! Visit one, or visit them all... it's up to you!

We customize your yacht rental in Miami to suit your visions specifically. Are you interested in partying it up in Miami Beach? We can take you! What better way to arrive at your next event in Key Largo than aboard one of our luxury yacht rental charters? All eyes will be on you, and you're sure to bet the talk of the town for months and years to come!

Our knowledgeable and friendly customer care team is standing by, waiting to go over every detail of your upcoming day trip. We don't miss a single factor from party size down to snacks because we put your satisfaction upfront with our 100% GUARANTEE!

Discover the most affordable rates and a crew that genuinely cares about YOU and your guests by calling now.

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Our Exciting Yacht Boat Rental in Miami Destinations Await!

Yacht Rental to Miami Beach

Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or just host the most incredible party your friends have ever been a part of by booking a yacht rental to Miami Beach.

Miami Beach is the most sizzling destination in Florida with nightclubs, restaurants, and shopping galore. There's never a dull moment in the city or on the water. Some of the most incredible properties along the America Rivera can only be seen from a boat, and this is your chance to take it all in!

Indulge, relax, or plan the wildest yacht party Miami has ever seen by scheduling your trip with us now.

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Yacht Rental Miami Beach
Yacht Rental Key Largo

Yacht Rental Miami to Key Largo

A yacht rental from Miami to Key Largo has endless possibilities. The locals call the region "The Diving Capital of the World!" A living coral barrier reef, Everglades National Park, and fish-filled coral formations make it a prime choice for outdoor adventure-seekers of all ages.

Discover the rich history, breathtaking water wilderness, and more by requesting a day trip, overnight private yacht charter, or whatever works best for your preferences, schedule, and budget.

Express what you expect from your escapade to Key Largo by contacting our customer service team when you're ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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Head Out to Key West on Your Private Yacht Tour in Miami

When we ask what destination you have in mind for your yacht rental in Miami, is Miami to Key West what appears in your imagination first? You're not the only one! We do these kinds of private yacht tours all the time, and that's because there is so much to take in on one trip, our clients keep coming back to go out again and again.

  • Key West Fishing
  • Key West Diving
  • Key West Sunset Cruise
  • Key West Overnight Tours
  • And more!

Let us know what you want to spend your time doing during your yacht tour from Miami to Key West, and we will give you a FREE quote right over the phone.

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Yacht Rental Key West
Yacht Rental Bahama Islands

Gorgeous Yacht Weddings from Miami to the Bahamas

Have you booked your upcoming nuptials on a secluded island in the Bahamas? We're excited to help get you there! With our yacht rental from Miami to the Bahamas, you're going to have the wedding you've dreamed of.

We partner with local wedding planners and help to make sure everything goes precisely as you've intended. Your yacht rental in Miami transports you and all of your guests to the Bahamas, or you can exchange vows right on the ship. Customers have also found our watercraft to be the perfect place for rehearsal dinners, bachelorette parties, and more!

Get in touch with our office early to start preparing, and we promise to pay attention to all the specific details.

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Take a Family Day Yacht Tour from Miami to Biscayne Bay

Are you interested in seeing where the celebrities of Biscayne Bay rest their heads at night? Our family day trip options include a yacht rental from Miami to Biscayne Bay, where you can view rows and rows of Florida's most lavish homes!

Maybe you're one that rubs elbows with these wealthy and recognized residents, and you want to show up to their event in style. Our private, luxurious yacht rentals allow you to display yourself as one of them without actually having to purchase a yacht yourself.

Come and check out Millionaire's Row, the Port of Miami, Brickell Key, and the Miami skyline the way it was meant to be seen...from the water!

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Yacht Rental Biscayne Bay

Experience Everything You've Dreamed of Aboard A Private Yacht Rental in Miami!

Book your next event with the highly-skilled, professional, and friendly team from Private Yacht Rental Miami. Affordable rates, an expert crew, and world-class insurance. Call us at (786) 933-6363 
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